Vindicator® V5 Access Control System (ACS)

Built on the V5 Network Security Appliance™, the Vindicator® ACS solution is a self-contained access control system that does not require a PC or Windows software to operate.

Each V5 ACS server houses the necessary credential database to administer complex access routines for predefined regions of a facility by interfacing with its associated credential readers and access control hardware.

Enterprise Clustering and Peer-to-Peer Capability

Each V5 ACS server can act as a database server to other V5 ACS servers for centralized access control management using database replication and management technology. This increases system capability by ensuring that the database servers are constantly in sync so that changes to one V5 replicate on other V5 servers. All communication among V5 ACS servers and the V5 IDS server is encrypted and can be made redundant for added security on a corporate LAN or security network.


Scalable – As the on-line user population increases, data clustering between two or more V5 ACS servers provides additional on-line information storage, rather than requiring additional servers or using off-line PC storage. Each V5 server can house more than 50,000 credentials.

Advanced Access Control Features – Administrator – defined rules processing provides easy maintenance and increased control over user groups. Flexible visitor processing with escort specification can tie specific visitors to particular escorts in selected locations. The system supports configurations for card, card + PIN, PIN-only, and card + PIN + biometric access for flexible user identification.

Enhanced Enterprise Capabilities – When coupled with the powerful V5 IDS server, the enterprise potential of the system is enhanced. The watchman’s tour function can be used to ensure proper, safe and regular rounds by staff personnel, ensuring credentials are presented to a set of readers in a particular order within a specified amount of time. The global anti-passback feature controls user access based on individual authorization.

Powerful Administration and Maintenance Interface – A single V5 ACS server can be used as a remote configuration interface for other V5 ACS servers in the network and to interface downstream Vindicator transponders with intrusion sensors and devices. This interface automatically replicates local changes throughout the network and saves time and effort. The V5 ACS server also speeds installation and enhances troubleshooting by providing a powerful maintenance console for performing device and network diagnostics.

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