Anti-masking magnetic contacts

Every security professional knows how Reed-based magnetic contacts are vulnerable to magnetic tampering.

The main issue is that Reed switches react not only to the presence of the contact’s corresponding magnet but also to magnetic fields that come from any other direction. Therefore it is quite easy to mask the absence of the corresponding magnet by simply applying an external magnet when opening the door or window, without thievery security professional knowing how Reed-based magnetic contacts are vulnerable to magnetic tampering, triggering any alarms.
Where higher security is required, the only solution so far was to install “triple balanced” magnetic contacts. However, this poses serious issues in many cases because of cost and size constraints. TSEC has solved the issue by working on the crux of the matter: by removing Reed switches from magnetic contacts.


Magnasphere® technology, at the heart of every CLIC sensor, offers a level of protection comparable to traditional high-security contacts, even in the smallest flush-mount models.

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