SAW Security Archive Workstation

The SAW interfaces with the SMARTstation to provide the capability to log, retrieve, and generate reports on all events occurring during system operation. Event information logged include the event description, date and time of the event, the operator’s actions and assessments, communication failures and restorals. The event data is transferred through a serial port from the SMARTstation to the SAW computer. Up to 750,000 events are stored on the hard disk. This data can be downloaded at periodic intervals, such as daily or weekly, to a diskette for permanent storage. SAW allows the user to query the system. Pre-formatted reports may be generated automatically for alarm points, communication events, and entry control event categories. Additional customized reports can be created as desired. SAW software is Windows-based. Auxiliary software packages included with SAW are Microsoft® Windows™, Access®, Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®. With SAW, the user has available all of the capabilities and power associated with these software packages. Read more

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