DomeKleener – Centra Security’s innovative CCTV dome cleaner

The Domekleener is a new innovative approach to cleaning CCTV domes..

The Domekleener is manufactured in the UK from aluminium and stainless steel and enables you to clean camera housings without the need for ladders, scaffold towers or ‘cherry pickers’ (max safe dome height 30 feet with standard pole).

The Domekleener’s design ensures that as pressure is placed on its arms they will spread allowing the cleaning blades to easily pass over the dome without damaging it.

  • Light weight (4.2kg including the pole) makes usage a simple one man operation.
  • The Domekleener can be safely used both internally and externally.
  • Removable blade sleeves enable you to clean with ‘wet’ sleeves, then change the sleeves to dry and polish the dome.
  • Can also be used for cleaning conventional cameras by using the ends of the blades.
  • Carry Bag

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