Vindicator® Badge Manager 2.0

Honeywell’s Vindicator® solutions provide a complete platform for creating electronic access control credentials as well as issuing, enrolling and managing the entry rules associated with controlling access to and around facilities.

Badge Manager 2.0
includes a photo badging camera, badge printer and system software for administering all badging needs. This solution is scalable – so it can be used at one workstation or many by having local workstations share access to a common SQL database on the Badge Manager server. Badge Manager is a customizable solution that can meet the specific needs of your site and is equipped with the tools to facilitate enterprise badge creation and management. These tools include badge design tools and an enhanced flexibility to create custom badge templates and user-definable fields.

Vindicator Badge Builder is used to create and maintain complete badge profiles. It is capable of creating separate profiles for each class of cardholder and printing cards with different colors, layouts and content based on access privileges of users.Features:

Badge Manager – Badging operators and administrators get a consolidated view into the access control system. Operators are able to view, search for and manage all badgeholders across the system from any one of the installed badging client workstations.

Badge Builder – An important element to badge management is being able to create badge profiles which meet the needs of each required type of user, location and use-case in the operating environment. Badge Builder provides an intuitive and powerful badge-profile creation and management toolkit.

Location Assignment – Badging administrators can view and assign personnel to locations – and vice versa – using Badge Manager. The operator can easily and quickly see which locations are accessible to that badgeholder or group, which schedules are in effect, and what entry rules are being applied.

Entry Rules Management – Graphical screens are provided to create and manage group rules, authorization levels and their combinations. Characteristics such as schedules, permission/restriction settings, etc. are now available from these graphical screens as well as from PC SMART PAC.

Report Wizard – The user now has many options to generate system reports and can start with either a badge report or an audit reportby applying database fields with filters. The user can configure a badge holder or operator action report with incredible flexibility.

Synchronizing with the V5 ACS – In addition to pushing and pulling records to or from a V5 server, Badge Manager 2.0 ensures that locations, authorization levels, group rules and schedules are reflected on the V5 and vice versa.

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