The VIEWpoint Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR) is a combination IP network video recorder and an analog digital video recorder in one.

VIEWpoint runs both analog cameras and IP cameras on the same system, individually – delivering total scalability, flexibility and value to the end user.

Since the inception of digital video recording, VIEWpoint has been delivering video surveillance and recording solutions to organizations across the globe. Today, VIEWpoint systems can be found in over 30 countries around the world, protecting everything from international banks and financial institutions, to high-security government buildings and quick serve restaurant franchises. Thousands of security minded customers have relied upon the VIEWpoint Series of DVRs and HVRs to protect people and property from frivolous lawsuits, theft, vandalism, armed robbery and other crimes. Whether your need is for a basic video security system with just a few cameras, or a professional networked video surveillance system with centralized command and control capabilities, intelligent video and object recognition, the VIEWpoint series has the perfect digital recording solution to meet most any video recording need.

VIEWpoint is the perfect solution for customers taking their analog DVR system to the next level. The hybrid design allows users to migrate towards IP video while maximizing value from the use of existing analog cameras and existing wiring infrastructure. VIEWpoint offers an unmatched combination of power and performance in a cost-effective package. Users can realize the benefits of high resolution IP cameras where they need them most within their organization, while still getting maximum value from existing analog cameras, cabling and power infrastructure. VIEWpoint reduces installation and operating costs through its many user friendly features such as the logical diagram, which empowers users with a virtual input and output template to instantly connect systems and cameras together – and an intuitive graphical user interface, which makes installation easy and decreases learning times for end-users and operators.

The VIEWpoint HVR unifies with the SAFEnet platform to deliver a blend of Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Video Surveillance that is unmatched in the industry in regards to features, storage capability and affordability.

VIEWpoint features provide customers with a complete solution for live viewing, recording, playback and storage of digital video. VIEWpoint continues to lead the way in video output flexibility, quality display, remote management and expanded playback and search capabilities to ensure complete coverage for security professionals.

A Cross-Section of VIEWpoint HVR features:

  • Live Digital Video
  • Digital Recording for playback
  • Hard Drive Video Storage
  • Web Client interface
  • UDP Capture Card for Analog Camera Function
  • ATM Transaction Recording and Video
  • Cash Register Transactions Recording and Video
  • Alarm and voice over IP
  • Video Time and Attendance module
  • IP Camera Integration
  • PTZ Control, With presets and touring
  • Access User Rights
  • Remote Client Applications for viewing live video and playback remotely
  • Addition Software Tools
    • Multiview Application – for viewing multiple DVR’s/NVR’s on the network at the same time

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