Vi-System Highlights

Unlimited Analytics on Unlimited number of Cameras:

The only video analytics solution that enables unlimited analytics functions on an unlimited number of cameras

Superior Detection Capabilities:

High detection rate and low false alarm rate in complex environments, including indoor, outdoor and crowded scenes

Wide Range of Detection Functions:

A comprehensive solution applicable for detection of events relating to people, vehicles and static objects

Automatic Calibration:

Automatic Scene Learning feature eliminates the need for manual calibration, making set-up quick, simple and efficient

Pure Software Solution:

The pure software solution reduces overall system costs and enables fast and easy deployment and maintenance

Highly Scalable:

Requires a minimal amount of dedicated hardware and offers the best camera-to-server ratio on the market

Open Architecture:

The open architecture approach enables integration with a wide range of edge devices and video management systems

Analytics Functions

Vi-System offers a wide and flexible range of analytics detection functions related to people, vehicles and static objects (see back cover). Such functions are available on both fixed and PTZ cameras.

  • An unlimited number of analytics rules of any kind and combination can be applied to each camera via a user- friendly centralized management tool
  • The analytics rules can be applied to any number of video channels simultaneously
  • Complex detection scenarios can be generated by combining or linking detection rules


  • Security and Perimeter Protection
  • Safety
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Asset Protection
  • Business Intelligence

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