Vi Search – The Complete Video Search and Analysis Tool

Vi-Search allows you to reap the true benefits of your surveillance network by enabling automatic and effortless retrieval and analysis of valuable information contained in your stored video.

Vi-Search is an innovative video search software that enables rapid and effective retrieval and presentation of specific video segments, events and data from vast amounts of recorded video. While video recording is a basic component of most surveillance networks, the recorded video is rarely utilized due to the lack of an automated and time-efficient solution that enables search and analysis of such stored video. In response, Vi-Search automates the search and analysis process and allows for true leveraging of the stored video.

The software analyzes the video stream, generates metadata describing the scene content, and allows for later retrieval and analysis of the video through an automatic search within the stored metadata.
Based on Agent Vi’s open architecture, pure software approach, Vi-Search seamlessly integrates with a wide range of edge devices and video management systems, in both new and existing surveillance networks.

Product Features

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