Vi-Search Offline

Vi-Search Offline cuts investigation times dramatically by automatically indexing and analyzing data from pre-recorded, imported video clips from multiple sources and producing search results.

Vi-Search Offline builds on Vi-Search’s functionality, to allow the importing of pre-recorded video clips from virtually any source for indexing, making such video clips ready for quick search and analysis by Vi-Search. Depending on the stored video format, Vi-Search Offline is able to generate indexes for the video files at an average rate of x10 and up to x30, making Vi-Search Offline a critical tool for efficient investigations and for gathering business intelligence.

Vi-Search Offline is especially useful for police and other law enforcement agencies that need to conduct speedy and efficient investigations based on surveillance video. In many cases, the video comes from different sources, and without Vi-Search Offline, the investigators must manually observe hours of video. This can be a lengthy and costly process, which is susceptible to human error, and does not guarantee a quick enough outcome. Vi-Search Offline automates the video analysis process and dramatically cuts down the man hours required for conducting such important investigations.

The software automatically analyzes video files exported from any video recording system including DVRs, NVRs and VMSs. After the video is analyzed, the user can search for relevant footage by a variety of search parameters. Vi-Search Offline is a stand-alone tool that does not require integration to any external systems.

Search Parameters and Capabilities for Vi-Search and Vi-Search Offline

Vi-Search offers an extensive set of intuitive search parameters and capabilities, including:

  • Target Type – People, Vehicles, Static Objects
  • Event Type – Moving, Stationary, Crossing a line, Occupancy, Crowding
  • Search by Color and/or Size
  • Search within defined time frames
  • Search on selected cameras or group of cameras
  • Search for Similar Targets – Once a target is observed, a simple search can be conducted to locate additional appearances of the same or similar target in the recorded video

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