Standard Lock Manager Door Controller

Manages the Power and Data supplied down a CAT5e/6 cable by the Midspan Bridge 

Borer’s Lock Manager circuit board hs a small footprint and is designed to be mounted with the electric door lock or strike. Alternatively it can be housed together with the “Press to Exit” switch in a half gang electrical wall box.

It performs the following functions:

  • Breaks out the power and the data supplied down a standard CAT5e/6 cable by the Borer Midspan Bridge
  • Monitors door status settings (Door Open, Lock Status and Exit Request Button pressed)
  • Manages the power supplied to operate a solenoid operated door lock or strike. These need an initial high current to engage the solenoid and then a reduced static current to maintain it. The power delivered by most systems is not current restricted which will cause the lock, after it has been switched, to continue to consume power. The extra energy consumed raises the temperature of the solenoid. By managing and limiting the power delivered, less heat is generated. As a result, less energy is used and the lock is not stressed, extending its operational lifespan.

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