Perimeter Security Sensors (PIDS) & Controls

Many security solutions today are required to provide advanced detection of potential threats and intruders beyond the fence line. Honeywell’s Vindicator® Radar Detection System can extend your security application well beyond its current perimeter, providing advanced warning of potential threats and intruders. We’ve partnered with leading technology providers that include some of the best sensor manufacturers, software and specialty firms. By integrating those products and technologies with ours at Honeywell Vindicator Security Solutions, we are able to create some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated security and control solutions – within your budget.


Using The Honeywell VINDICATOR V5 IDS (Intrusion Detection System) Version Control Panel any type of Analogue Sensor (PIR,Magnetic Door Sensors, External Active Infra-Red Beams,Radar) Can be controlled using its FULLY SUPERVISED Monitoring System LINKED to the VCC (Vindicator Command and Control) System.

Visual Assessment and Thermal Imaging

A long range, high resolution and thermal imaging products to provide security directors, officers and guards with a visual confirmation of what the Vindicator IDS system has detected. With broad device compatibility,advanced control capability and dynamic prioritization of events, the system can be programmed to display the correct view from the correct camera based on the event or threat situation. Once detected, operators can actively track and assess targets. Visual assessment can help determine whether the target is indeed a potential problem and whether resources should be deployed.

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