LG IrisAccess 4000

IrisAccess 4000 is the third generation of the world’s number one deployed iris recognition platform. Offering increased application versatility and integration flexibility, enrollment and recognition is easier than ever.

Intuitive visual user interface enables users to quickly position themselves for enrollment or recognition as images of both eyes are captured virtually simultaneously. Audio prompts improve speed of enrollment and recognition performance while motor-driven auto-tilt mechanism makes adjusting the camera for proper height a simple ‘one touch of a finger’ proposition. What’s more, every model of the IrisAccess 4000 contains a camera supported by dedicated illumination that makes badging for credentialling a snap.
When it comes to multi-factor authentication, IrisAccess 4000 is extraordinarily flexible. iCAM4000 and iCAM4100 with optional device-embedded SmartCard readers from the world’s leading card reader producers give IrisAccess the ability to function with HID iCLASS, DESFire, and MiFARE and CAC-compliant cards. When a reader is present, a card icon placed on the casing indicates where the card should be placed for fast verification. Card reader-equipped models of iCAM4000 and iCAM4100 are designated with a 10 suffix, so become 4010 and 4110 respectively.

Multifactor authentication can also be delivered by the 16-element keypad that comes standard on the iCAM4100 unit. The authentication options afforded by being able to configure iris authentication by left, right, either or both eyes plus a smartcard token, and in the case of the iCAM4100, a keypad, are simply unmatched by any other iris recognition offering on the market.

Production Ceased in 2011
Replacement product iCAM7 series

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