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Takex Beams

Active Infrared Sensors By leading manufacturers such as TAKEX and OPTEX have become the most trusted and widely used technology in Intrusion Detection. Simplicity and reliability have been bred into the newest generation of Active nd Passive Infra-red Sensors.

Redwall SIP

Active Infrared Sensors use invisible light to scan a defined area. The transmitter emits a beam of light into the scan zone. The light, which is reflected by the background returns to the receiver, which constantly monitors the scan zone. When a person or object enters the zone the infrared light is interrupted. It then sends a signal to the internal relay, which is wired into the door controls. One variation of this operating mode is called “background suppression.” This is when the receiver only detects a change in the reflected light when a person or object enters the scan zone thus causing a reflectance variation of the light, sending a signal to the internal relay.

Download Redwall SIP Mini with Creep

Download Tak PB50 100 2001

Download Optex AX 7OT 13OT

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