Honeywellvindicator Command & Control

Vindicator Common Operator Picture for Access Control. Download VCC Platform Vindicator Command & Control (VCC) provides security personnel with an intuitive user interface that displays all security data on the Vindicator Network. Honeywell Vindicator Command and Control C2 | Intrusion Detection System (IDS) | Centra Security - Electronic Security Systems
  • Windows-based
  • PC used for display only
  • Secure, redundant comm
  • Via LAN/WAN or TCP/IP
The Vindicator Command and Control (VCC) annunciator platform has been integrated with the Perimeter Surveillance Radar Sensor (PSRS) to provide long range detection and tracking capability. Combining state-of-the-art “Smart” sensor technology and the most reliable COTS Command and Control (C2) alarm monitoring platform in the security industry, Sandia National Laboratories, Vindicator Technologies and Sensor Technologies & Systems, Inc., has led the way with this technology integration milestone.

Case Studies: