Honeywell Web Based Access Control

NetAXS™ is quick and easy to install with no software to load or dedicated PC required. The built-in web server allows programming and maintenance from any internet browser without operating concerns or viruses, saving you time and money.
NetAXS™ is suitable for any size facility and customisable for each customer’s security and functionality needs. Plus, the built-in web server gives your customers the power and convenience to securely manage their access control system via the internet – anytime, anywhere. Available for 1 up to 4 door configurations. Small businesses can now improve security using web-based NetAXS-123 with event-driven recorded video. Simple to install and use, it is extremely affordable. Events can be viewed live from up to four cameras simultaneously, and as events are recorded on USB memory sticks, there is no need for video recording hardware. Download NetAXS 123 (588 kB) Download NetAXS 123 Video Add-On Kit (296 kB) Download NetAXS 123 FAQs (145 kB)

Case Studies: