Galaxy® Dimension Features & Screenshots

  • Operation using NEW proximity tag or card with full compatibility with the MK7 Keyprox
  • Customisable homescreen via external SD card slot
  • Intuitive touch-screen display with icons and menu driven prompts
  • Simple graphical set/unset for systems with multiple areas/groups
  • Entry/Exit Delay countdown displayed
  • Add, delete or edit user codes and tags
  • View entire zone list with status of each zone
  • Overview of system status display
  • End-user can quickly omit zones from zone list
  • Event log display
  • Console mode with full MK7 keypad emulation for programming
  • Building control feature allows the user to control outputs to operate system such as lighting and air-conditioning
  • High-resolution 640 x 480 pixel, 64,000 colours, TFT display

Feature Screenshots

Standard home screenInstaller Customisation
Standard Home ScreenInstaller Customisation
Set screenArea/Group set status
Set screenArea Group set status

A System Management Tool:

Event logSystem setup
Business Management ToolSystem setup

Galaxy® Dimension TouchCenter can be utilised as an effective system management tool, enabling users to see at a glance, the full system status and take action appropriately. A touch on the screen is all it takes to use the TouchCenter as an effective business management tool.

  • Track when employees and temporary users operate the system
  • View full system status at a glance
  • Clear and simple management of system users

Installer access:

For installer access to the system, the following features are available:

  • Emulation of standard MK7 2×16 alpha LCD keypad display
  • Diagnostics screen allows testing of:
  • LCD display
  • Audio
  • Event log display

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