Delivering Sustainable Access Control to Energy Efficient Buildings

Maximize Energy Efficiency and Stay Secure

Green building construction and renovation requires careful selection of the specific products used in the process.

With iTRUST 2.0, building security, which is necessary to protect people, facilities and assets – now gives architects and engineers an opportunity to add the security system into the facility’s sustainability goals.

A sustainable access control system can improve overall facility energy efficiency by reducing the impact of a key electronic system which is necessary to operate on a 24/7 basis.

Besides being a “server-less” web-based application, one of the greatest efficiencies within the iTRUST 2.0 access control system can be found at the door, with the use of the BlueEdge Unified Digital Controllers (UDC). The intelligent UDC panels deliver dual IP-based door access control, which use Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) technology, lessening both power requirements and total materials used. Combine the overall efficiency of iTRUST 2.0 and the UDC with industry leading sustainable integrated partner technologies from Farpointe (card readers) and ASSA ABLOY (integrated PoE+ and WiFi locks), and “green” access control delivering optimized power consumption is within your organization’s reach. Realize your “green” business goals by making sustainability a central part of your security team’s philosophy and culture.

Designing a green building is very tedious work. Specifying the right access control system to go into that building shouldn’t be.

iTRUST® 2.0 makes “green” door security easy. iTRUST 2.0, deliver the ability to manage and reduce the excessive power consumed by traditional facility access control systems – offering tangible savings to end users on their power bills.

  • Low cost and easy installation
  • Full-featured and expandable as needed
  • Intelligence at the edge of the network
  • Remote internet configuration capability
  • Lower overall price and total cost of ownership
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly operation
  • Easily expandable to an enterprise-scale SAFEnet system if required
  • System components communicate via TCP/IP
  • Serverless system – no dedicated computer neccessary

Farpointe’s green “eco-technology” readers, combined with iTRUST 2.0, deliver the ability to manage and reduce the excessive power consumed by traditional facility access control systems – offering tangible savings to end users on their power bills.

A properly implemented access control system provides the vital core layer to your business’s security and the safeguarding of valuable company assets. A well designed access control system allows you to limit employee access, manage schedules, and generate reports that highlight who is going where, and when. Electronic access control is a quick, easy and affordable way to help you limit unauthorized access to high-risk or sensitive areas of your business.

The iTRUST 2.0 Access Control System

  • Helps protect valuable assets and sensitive areas within your organization
  • Helps restrict, manage and report facility, internal door and employee area access
  • Increases overall employee safety
  • Assists in inventory control and auditing
  • Eliminates costly re-keying and frequent lock changes from employee or contractor turnover

Effectively controlling the access of individuals in and out of your business is your first line of security.

Monitor Dynamics’ iTRUST 2.0 IP-PoE+ access control system gives organizations of all sizes the ability to limit unauthorized entry. Whether your business has only one way access or multiple entry points, iTRUST 2.0 is the most dependable, easy to use and cost effective access control system for business on the market today. iTRUST 2.0 benefits your business by restricting walk-in traffic, decreasing security threats and controlling access to secure areas. Being a card-based access control system, iTRUST 2.0 eliminates the need to re-key the entire facility whenever you have employee turnover and reports access activity to assist you in keeping track of who’s entered sensitive areas of your business, by date and time, before and after an incident. Whether it’s protection for your main entrance or a specific sensitive area, iTRUST 2.0 delivers the added flexibility that allows you to concentrate on more important matters – like your day to day business.

iTRUST 2.0 helps businesses meet their goals by delivering hassle-free, economical access control – without sacrificing quality and expandability.

iTRUST 2.0 is the ideal electronic access control solution for businesses of all sizes. iTRUST 2.0 software is easy to install and use, offering an immediate time-to-benefit, so you can dedicate you and your staff’s full attention to your business objectives.

Managed Access Control Capabilities

iTRUST’s IP infrastructure and online administration capabilities can reduce your businesses system management costs by allowing you to have your access control system managed by a team of professional security dealers. Your business’s access control needs may change over time, and iTRUST 2.0 was designed and built to grow with it as needs arise.

iTRUST 2.0 can be hosted, monitored and backed-up remotely, if required, by your certified and licensed security dealer of choice. This feature gives you hassle-free change management when your system requires additions, subtractions or additional schedule changes and configurations. With this feature, your internal staff can be “hands-off” and leave everything in the hands of your trusted security professionals of choice. These professionals will link to your access control points and web-based software – making day to day maintenance a thing of the past. If needed, your outsourced security team can have real-time remote access to track entry and exit movement throughout your business, inventory rooms, warehouses, shipping and receiving areas and computer rooms.

iTRUST® 2.0 is built on an open architecture software platform that allows for real-time monitoring, management, and control of your access control system – from a dedicated computer or a remote internet browser

Easy Customisation

  • Hassle-free management and control functions via the Web
  • Adding employees, door access control and locations can be easily accomplished online
  • Manage cardholder access
  • Event and transaction data reporting


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