Borer FUSION Access Control Reader

Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus technology for Access Control Solutions

With an electronic card swipe system, you can secure your building by managing who gains entrance to your building and remove the risk of lost or misplaced keys.

These cards can be individually programmed to control, restrict access to, and restrict movement around a building, including gates, rooms, barriers, lifts and doors.

Control of these systems via your PC, can potentially offers far wider applications than just security of your premises, as they can also help you to locate staff in event of an emergency, or record their times of entering and leaving the building.

Access Control is part of the FUSION which includes Visitor Management, ID Badge Maker and Time & Attendance all in one package. The entry level of FUSION is free of charge when brought with hardware. 

Borer’s FUSION is a totally scalable Power over Ethernet Access Control system; it can grow from a small single site application into an enterprise wide multi-location system as your requirements expand, all with the minimum of operator training or reconfiguration.

Substantial energy savings of up to 80% can be made using Borer’s power management and energy delivery systems. 

For example, alternative legacy door access systems typically consume in excess of 50 Watts to control one door equipped with a fail safe electrical release. Compare this with less than 2 Watts required by a Borer FUSION Smartcard Reader and electric release combination using Borer’s smart power delivery and PoE energy saving technology.

The creditcard-size Lock Manager is normally mounted inside the Push to Exit housing which is designed to perform multiple tasks including managing the Power and Data supplied from the Midspan Bridge.

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