SNT-EP104 Sony Video Encoder

A basic four channel stand-alone video surveillance encoder, utilising state of the art image transmission and enhancement technology.

Designed for use in applications requiring up to four analogue channels, the SNT-EP104 is a powerful, fully featured video encoder delivering a range of unique capabilities.

The SNT-EP104 delivers a unique four channel stand-alone camera encoding concept, which adds significant value and performance to existing small to medium-sized analogue systems.

Converting up to four traditional analogue video signals into multiple digital video streams for transmission via IP-based networks, the SNT-EP104 encoder offers unrivalled network flexibility. Sony’s unique XDNR (Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) is also included within this encoder, together with VE (Visibility Enhancer) technology.

The combination of these powerful features and enhancements make the Sony SNT-EP series the obvious choice when migrating from an existing analogue camera system, to an IP based monitoring solution.

What’s more, the SNT-EP104 comes with ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliance for easy interoperability with IP monitoring products from a variety of manufacturers.

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