Access Control Turnstiles

Integrating Turnstiles with Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus Technology

Borer offers a wide range of solutions for controlled physical access control to buildings, areas and specially secured locations including commercial offices, schools, university campuses, hospitals, data centres, factories, warehouses, energy plants, leisure centres and shipping ports.

Turnstiles provide an effective means for controlling the flow of pedestrian, without impacting daily operations and they vary according to the application, security level and frequency of traffic as well as the design requirements of the location.

Turnstiles are powered over a single CAT6 cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology from Borer.

The turnstile is controlled by a Borer Lock Manager and FUSION smartcard readers. Both the turnstile’s control logic boards and power supply have been completely removed and replaced by the Lock Manager. No power supply is needed since power is being delivered over a single CAT6 cable, eliminating any unnecessary wiring and delivering a much cleaner solution.

The Lock Manager directly controls the mechanics and operation of the turnstile as well delivering the power to operate the turnstile. Both turnstile access and egress decisions are made by the FUSION smartcard readers.

This approach, which can be applied to both full-height and pedestal turnstiles, reduces costs and greatly simplifies the installation process for both the customer and installer.

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