Vaults & Doors

Vaults and doors designed to resist the most modern forms of attack

Since the tools and methods used to forcibly gain entry to bank vaults have become more and more sophisticated, bank security has had to evolve. Thanks to many years of experience providing successful security solutions to the banking sector, Fichet-Bauche has developed a range of vaults and doors which is designed to resist the most modern forms of attack. Fichet-Bauche also offers modular security enclosures which can be custom-built into the existing structure of any building.

Burglary Protection Solution

Optura is a range of certified vault doors and panels which can be used to construct a modular vault in your existing building. The product line has been specially designed to offer customised solutions for each specific security requirement, taking into account risk level, volumes to be protected, maximum floorload and locking devices required.

Optura modular vault rooms can be constructed using a combination of wall, floor and ceiling panels.

  • Grades VI – XI
  • X KB & XI KB
  • A variety of locking systems available

Case Studies: