Seismo Buried Security System Kit

The Seismo is an outdoor buried security system, which can be integrated with any existing security or alarm system. The Seismo system comes in 2 variations, single standalone sensor OR 3 sensing units with analyzer. It is installed underground and is able to recognize footsteps and vehicles movements. […]

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Ironclad Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Security Made Easy, Reliable and Affordable. Fully wrapped by stainless steel mesh Ideal for installation on wire fences and concertina coil. The system utilize 3 layers of false alarm filtration – Algorithm of detection, 11 levels of sensitivity easily adjusted with dip switches and a weather station to avoid false alarms caused by weather […]

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Perimeter Intrusion: Secure Fencing with Sensor Cable and CCTV

IRONCLAD vibration sensor cable line is fully wrapped by stainless steel wire mesh acting as protection layer it is designed for outdoor installation on various types of perimeter barriers such us chain link, welded mesh fences or razor type concertina coils. The passive fence perimeter protection Download Ironclad (709 kB) MBS-404 Buried Cable Detection Systems […]

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