5MP Evolution Mini 360° Indoor Camera

The Evolution Mini Indoor Camera is a compact and affordable entry-level IP panoramic camera that delivers the same image quality and performance as the Evolution 360⁰ cameras, with nearly all of the same great features. The Evolution Mini has a 5-megapixel sensor and no moving parts. The small unit is designed for quick and easy installations indoors where a professional light weight small indoor enclosure is required. The Evolution Mini Indoor Camera is a convenient surface-mounting enclosure that fully supports IEEE802.3af Class 2 Power-over-Ethernet for installation convenience. The Evolution Mini Camera provides total situational awareness over a 360-degree field of view, generating a number of video streams at a choice of resolutions at up to 30fps as well as configurable privacy zones and video motion detection within defined areas of interest. The Evolution Mini Indoor Camera is suitable for ceiling, wall or table mounted applications and provides pleasing aesthetics in white finish with a diameter of only 108mm (4 ¼"). Read More

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