Monitor Zone Assignments

The B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 Central Station Receiver Module expands the number of localized security and safety systems that customers can monitor from an Alarm Monitoring workstation. Supports hundreds of different alarm panels in numerous industry formats, which collectively account for approximately 90% of all burglar, fire, safety, nurse call and remote dialer alarm systems in use today.
  • Allows alarm monitoring operators to gain access to work specific monitor zones (to which they are responsible) from any work station (based on their log-in ID)
  • Grant/ Deny Popup List – allows option to grant or deny access in intercom applications where additional verification is required before opening a door.
  • Alarm Routing to Workstation – automatically reroute an alarm to an alternate workstation if a system operator has not responde to the alarm within a spcified number of minutes.
  • Ability to Mark an Alarm as “In Progress” Prior to Acknowledgment – terminates any notifications such as repeating audio notifications and alarm sprites on maps.
  • Galaxy (8, 18, 60, 128, 500, 504, 512) Intrusion Panel Support – Serial or LAN connection. Monitor intrusion detection alarms. Command and control of supported intrusion detection devices link alarms to digital video. Store global I/O activity in B.A.S.I.S. audit trail.

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