Milestone Xprotect Enterprise

Milestone XProtect Enterprise is a comprehensive IP video platform supporting unlimited cameras with a wide selection of access clients.
Milestone XProtect Enterprise is suitable for large multi-server, multi-site installations with many cameras. It features a master/slave recording server principle that allows organizations to distribute the servers throughout the network.   Milestone XprotectUnlimited Cameras, Servers and Users   xprotect enterprise smart clientMilestone XProtect Enterprise handles installations with unlimited cameras and devices. Flexible scalability grows incrementally with your organization. Distributed server architecture optimizes bandwidth usage, keeping video data traffic between cameras, servers and users to a minimum. A key factor is that all Operators have full control over all security tasks through user-friendly access clients.

Diversified and Advanced Client Access

  xprotect enteprise camera summaryThe client access ranges from a simple and ultra-mobile PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) to the advanced and powerful Smart Client that enables live view and playback of up to 64 cameras from multiple servers simultaneously. This unique recording storage concept enables organizations to keep more recordings longer at a lower cost, whilst still enabling operators to access recordings through the entire retention time.

Open Platform for Integration

  Build best-of-breed security solutions using the well-documented SDK (Software Development Kit). The healthy API (Application Programming Interface) enables integration to all kinds of systems like access control, fire alarms, gates, etc.

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