Milestone Xprotect Corporate

XProtect Corporate is a premium IP video platform with central management of unlimited cameras, including full-featured client access. Milestone XProtect Corporate is designed for large-scale, mission-critical applications. The central management and intuitive access clients make even very large installations easy to use and manage.

Powerful, flexible and highly scalable

Milestone XprotectOne of Milestone XProtect Corporate many features is an intuitive distributed architecture that supports unlimited sites, servers, cameras and users. Flexible and easy to understand and to implement, Xprotect Corporate is an ideal platform to manage your complex systems cost effectively.

Multicasting and multistreaming

Allow multiple security operators to view live and recorded video easily, without straining the network resources unnecessarily. Easy-to-use access clients integrate with interactive multi-layered maps which provide operators with exceptional surveillance overview and control.


The failover service ensures maximum uptime. One or more failover servers can support multiple recording servers with automatic synchronization of video data.

Easy to use and manage

xprotect corporate playbackThe cutting-edge Smart Client provides seamless access to live view and recorded video for your security staff - at all times. Vital export of evidence material is created in a few single operations which means that you can easily manage and tailor your surveillance solution to your business requirements. Rich and powerful features such as multi-casting and multi-streaming also help to preserve the network bandwidth.

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