Milestone XProtect Basis+ is an essential single-server IP video platform supporting up to 25 cameras with an easy-to-use client access.
Essential single-server video system managing up to 25 cameras per server, including full-featured remote access. Designed with all the basic features required for smaller implementations, it is an inexpensive entry-level product. Milestone Xprotect

Advanced IP Video at Low Cost

Milestone XProtect Basis+ is packed with many advanced features, such as camera control, motion detection, intelligent PTZ and archiving to local drive, all at a very reasonable cost. This state-of-the-art system covers all your basic needs and is based on standard IT hardware.

Easy to Use

Designed for organizations with limited IT resources, the system is very easy to use and operate. Interfaces are intuitive to navigate. Organizations are up and running in a very short time.

Reliable and High-performance

xprotect basis smart clientAs with all of our products, Milestone XProtect Basis+ builds on our highly reliable technology - proven in operation in more than 50,000 customer installations. Milestone XProtect Basis+ supports more than 650 camera models from over 65 manufacturers: this lets you build a best-of-breed solution. With Milestone XProtect Basis+ you get a cost-effective IP video surveillance system you can rely on.

Milestone Xprotect Basis Plus Brochure

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