Fibre Optic Cabling

As cabling systems become larger and the need to transmit data at ever increasing rates becomes greater the case for fibre optic cabling becomes more relevant. Whether it is used in the vertical backbone or to link buildings across a campus, fibre optic cabling offers the modern, cost-effective solution.
Fibre Optic Cabling | Fibre Optic IP/Networking | Centra Security - Electronic Security SystemsOver recent years there have been a number of developments in fibre optic cables and connectivity. No longer do we simply specify Singlemode or Multimode cable, ST or SC connectors. Now we must consider the applications that are to run over the cabling, the distance that they are to be transmitted, the environment that the cables are to run through and the equipment that they are to interface with. In designing the optimum solution to meet your requirements Centra will consider all of these factors before proposing a specification that will exceed both your performance and fiscal demands Centra have been installing cabling infrastructures for many years and have gained the experience and expertise to enable us to offer a broad range of cabling solutions.

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