Centra hold the key to Stanley® Security Solutions in the UK

Stanley® Security Solutions USA have recently certified Centra to carry out Dept Of Defence (DOD) Installations and maintenance on the latest Stanley Wi-Q™ Wireless Technology & B.A.S.I.S Access Control Systems in Europe and the Middle East.
stanley-wi-Q-basis Managing Director, David Brinkley said "We take this as a real indicator of confidence in Centra, to be singled out and awarded this exclusivity. Best Access Systems have built an impeccable reputation for quality during almost 80 years of product development. Coupled with the might of the Stanley® brand, together they are innovating wireless technology beyond any rival and we look forward to delivering this advantage to our clients" To find out more about the Stanley WI–Q Access Control Systems and the B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 Software please check out our security product pages.

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