Milestone IP CCTV Software

Milestone XProtect

Centra Security is certified for the installation of Milestone electronic security systems for clients in business, government and military sectors including: […]

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Milestone Xprotect Corporate

XProtect Corporate is a premium IP video platform with central management of unlimited cameras, including full-featured client access. Milestone XProtect Corporate is designed for large-scale, mission-critical applications. The central management and intuitive access clients make even very large installations easy to use and manage. […]

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Milestone Xprotect Basis+

Milestone XProtect Basis+ is an essential single-server IP video platform supporting up to 25 cameras with an easy-to-use client access. Essential single-server video system managing up to 25 cameras per server, including full-featured remote access. Designed with all the basic features required for smaller implementations, it is an inexpensive entry-level product. […]

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Milestone IP Surveillance

Centra Security Systems is pleased to announce that we are now a partner with Milestone Systems, the leader in Open Video Management Software. […]

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