Axis Thermal Network Cameras

High-quality detection in dark and challenging conditions

AXIS Thermal Network CamerasIn addition to their unique thermal detection capabilities, Axis thermal network cameras incorporate all the features that are standard in our top-of-the-range network video cameras, thus delivering a host of tangible benefits to professional video surveillance installations. Everything you expect from thermal cameras, except the price tag.… plus all the usual Axis features.

Thermal detection: the key to effective video surveillance

Effective video surveillance depends on accurately detecting and identifying objects, people or incidents, so that appropriate action can be taken. But conventional video surveillance cameras will have difficulties capturing usable images in complete darkness or under other challenging conditions such as smoke or fog, or when subjects are hiding or obscured by a complex background.

Before you can identify, you must detect

Visible light, which the human eye can see and standard cameras can detect and display, requires a light source such as the sun or a flood light. Even day/night cameras, which use the near-infrared spectrum, require some light to operate – either natural or a ded- icated IR-lamp. A thermal camera requires no light source, as thermal radiation is emitted from every object with a tempera- ture above zero degrees Kelvin. Even very cold objects, like ice, emit thermal radiation. The hotter the object, the greater the radiation. The greater the temperature differences in a scene, the clearer the image a thermal camera will offer.

Give your surveillance 100% capability

The advantage of this is that thermal cameras quickly and unmistakably detect any incidents occurring in their field of view. They are robust and cannot be blinded by strong lights or put out of order using laser pointers. They provide an ideal first line of strength that triggers further action, thus dramatically enhanc- ing the effectiveness of your surveillance system.

Put video analytics to work

Thermal cameras are immune to most problems with light conditions, normal shadows, etc. – which makes them ideal for video analytics. They achieve higher accuracy than conventional cameras in most intelli- gent video applications. No place to hide Thermal cameras detect thermal radiation from people, even when they are obscured by complex backgrounds, or trying to hide in shadows.Thermal cameras detect thermal radiation from people, even when they are obscured by complex backgrounds, or trying to hide in shadows.

We'll put you in the picture

Thermal cameras are excellent for detecting people and vehicles and other objects in darkness and chal- lenging conditions. Thermal cameras do not, however, deliver images that allow reliable identification.Thermal cameras are excellent for detecting people and vehicles and other objects in darkness and challenging conditions. Thermal cameras do not, however, deliver images that allow reliable identification. That is why thermal cameras and conventional cameras sup- port and complement each other, and why thermal net- work cameras are a perfect addition to any profes- sional network video surveillance system that needs to secure an area 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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Detection at night Star RatingStar Rating Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating
Detection in difficult conditions Star RatingStar RatingStar Rating Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

Easy, affordable thermal detection, plus all the usual Axis benefits

Offering reliable detection in darkness and other challenging conditions, Axis thermal network cameras are a perfect complement to any professional video surveillance system. They also offer all the benefits that make Axis network cameras your first choice, from out-of-the-box installation to support for the market’s widest range of video management solutions. And unlike most thermal detection alternatives, they’re easily affordable. Cost-effective installation and easy integration Axis thermal network cameras are installed quickly and easy. They can utilize your existing IP infrastructure, so no new cabling needs to be drawn. Outdoor-ready models withstand harsh weather conditions – right out of the box. And the cameras run on Power over Ethernet, allowing them to be powered over the network, which eliminates the need for power cables and reduces installation costs. Or, for full flexibility, they can also run on standard 12/24V AC/DC power.

Smart cameras for smart systems

Axis thermal network cameras have excellent processing power and offer intelligent video capabilities such as video motion detection and detection of camera tampering attempts like blocking or redirection. They also provide capacity for third-party analytics modules, including support for AXIS Camera Application Platform, an open interface for downloading video analytics applications to the cameras. Not least, Axis thermal network cameras support two-way audio, which allows the user to communicate with visitors and intruders.

Optimized storage and outstanding video performance

Employing industry-standard video compression techniques such as Motion JPEG and H.264, Axis thermal network cameras minimize storage and bandwidth requirements on the network. At the same time they deliver outstanding video streaming performance of your choice of a variety of color palettes, which further enhances detection possibilities.

Access to the market’s best range of video management systems

Axis thermal network cameras employ Axis’ industry-standard open interface, VAPIX®. This ensures that they will instantly work with the market’s broadest selection of video management systems, ranging from Axis’ own AXIS Camera Station for smaller systems, to hundreds of leading video management solutions from Axis’ Application Development Partners.

Strengthen your security system

Detecting any intruder that crosses your chosen perimeter, Axis thermal network cameras are your first line of strength. Besides alerting active physical response, they mesh perfectly with Axis network cameras, so you can make the most of your video surveillance capability. strengthen-your-security-system

A reliable trigger for the right response

Axis thermal network cameras are ideal for detecting people, objects and incidents in total darkness or a wide variety of difficult conditions. They can be used in many surveillance applications – and in manned as well as unmanned surveillance configurations. In either case, a moving object such as a person or a vehicle can function as a trigger. Response can range from switching on lights, to steering a PTZ camera to the thermal camera’s detection point, to video recording, to alerting a patrolling guard. With affordable IP-based thermal network cameras from Axis, thermal imaging is a realistic option for enhancing any professional network video surveillance system. thermal-network-diagram

Thermal detection that solves real problems

Axis thermal network cameras form a perfect part of video surveillance systems in a variety of segments, such as government, transportation, city surveillance and education.

Perimeter protection

An invisible thermal fence provides discreet and cost-effective detection perimeter-protectionKey drivers:
  • Powerful and cost-effective alternative to radio frequency intruder
  • detection, electrified fences, CCTV/flood lights, etc.
  • Strengthens/augments physical fences
  • No IR illumination needed
  • Discreet - No light pollution
Typical applications:
  • Ports and marinas
  • Power plants
  • Utilities
  • Prisons

Area protection

Effective area protection gives cost-effective security area-protectionKey drivers:
  • Thermal detection at outdoor locations triggers front line response
  • to intruders, thereby helping minimize:
  • Vandalism
  • Burglary
  • False alarms
Typical applications:
  • Parking lots
  • Schools and campuses
  • High-security premises
  • Loading docks

Building security and emergency management

Detecting human presence indoors, after business hours or during emergencies building-security-emergency-managementKey drivers:
  • Quickly detecting human presence and incidents at indoor locations reduces or prevents:
  • People hiding in the building after closing time
  • Fire
  • Riots
  • False alarms
Typical applications:
  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Prisons
  • Warehouses

Public safety and security

Detecting human presence in dangerous or off-limits areas enables fast remedial action public-safety-securityKey drivers:
  • Detection enhances safety and security in potentially dangerous environments:
  • Reduces accident risk and potential loss of life
  • Prevents vandalism and crime
Typical applications:
  • Tunnels
  • Railway tracks and platforms
  • Bridges
  • Crossroads
Wide range cover The wide selection of camera models makes it possible to optimize detection performance to meet most application requirements.

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