Area Access Manager in B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 enables authorized managers to control access to specific physical areas as a subset of the main access control system.
This is ideal for use in corporate or campus environments where some departments are given both the capability and flexibility to manage access to their own controlled areas.
  • Web-based Area Access Manager with Video Viewing – Authorized users with a PC and a web browser can remotely grant or deny cardholders access to designated areas, and can display video from cameras.
  • Application Partitioning – Area Access Manager displays a list of areas over which the manager has control, as well as a list of all personnel who have access to those areas. The manager can then assign or remove the access rights of employees to areas within his or her domain.
  • Temporary Access Level Assignments – Allows assignment of activate and deactivate dates when adding access levels to a cardholder. Bulk assignment of temporary access levels are available.
  • Audit Trail and Reporting Capabilities – Area Access Manager’s seamless integration provides complete audit trail and reporting capabilities. All access privilege assignments and removals are logged to the database with a time and date stamp and the identity of the manager who completed the transaction.

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