Scaleable & Flexible Access Control Integration

The B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 integrated access control and alarm monitoring system delivers maximum protection, versatility, simple operation and cost efficiency.
  • Unlimited Handling Capacity - B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 can handle a small company or a large corporation with numerous facilities and thousands of card readers located around the world.
  • Biometric/Smart Card Integration - Provides advanced support for biometrics,including fingerprint and hand reader technologies. Supported biometric systems include Recognition Systems, Identix and Bioscrypt. B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 also supports all industry standard Stand-Alone Smart Chip Encoding.
  • Mustering - In an emergency situation, B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 will generate a list of all people who are located in dangerous areas, as well as those located in safe areas. These listings are continually updated in real time.
  • LG Iris Biometric Verification Support - Using LG Iris hardware, physical access to an area can be controlled by authenticating the identity of credential holders using their iris.

Case Studies: