Vi-Search Highlights

Automatic and Time-Efficient

  • Scans days of stored video in seconds to display precise results
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming manual search and review of stored video

Search Flexibility

  • Enables search by event or search by target parameters, including type, size and color
  • Scene metadata is continuously collected and logged, with no need to pre-define search parameters

Highly Scalable

  • Can be easily applied and expanded to surveillance networks of any size
  • Enables simultaneous search on multiple cameras Open Architecture
  • Integrated with a wide range of edge devices and video management systems
  • Search can be conducted through Vi-Search’s GUI or an integrated third party video management system


  • Single server can generate detailed and accurate scene metadata for hundreds of cameras simultaneously


  • No complicated set-up or training required
  • Operated by simple search queries
  • Enables easy export of specific video segments and reports as stand-alone files


Vi-Search enables utilization of stored video for a wide variety of security, safety, law enforcement and business intelligence applications: Business Intelligence and Operational Efficiency applications can benefit from statistical analysis of human or vehicle traffic in specific areas and in distinct time frames. Retail chains and other businesses or organizations can better understand and predict traffic patterns to efficiently allocate resources, provide better customer care, and improve operational procedures. Forensic Analysis often requires search through vast amounts of stored video to pinpoint certain events, or to trace events back to their origin. Through its wide range of search parameters and capabilities, Vi-Search enables users to locate an event in the stored video with high precision in a matter of seconds and to extend playback time to view additional (before/after) video that may be relevant to the analysis. A stand-alone file containing the relevant video segment can be easily extracted and saved as evidence. Time-Critical Security and Law Enforcement Operations require quick and effective responses to events as they occur. Once there is knowledge of a criminal or terrorist activity, events can be traced back for immediate investigation (search can be undertaken on video up to 3 seconds prior to the query), providing law enforcement agencies with a full picture of the event including origin and evolution. In this way, deployment and tactical responses are better informed, improving crisis management.

Case Studies: