Fire-Resistant Cabinets

Certified protection for documents and data media from the dangers of fire Choose from a range of document cabinets, data media cabinets and filing cabinets, all offering between 1 – 2 hours’ fire protection. Each model has been independently tested by the world’s leading certification institutes to ensure that each safe will survive a fire […]

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Vaults & Doors

Vaults and doors designed to resist the most modern forms of attack Since the tools and methods used to forcibly gain entry to bank vaults have become more and more sophisticated, bank security has had to evolve. Thanks to many years of experience providing successful security solutions to the banking sector, Fichet-Bauche has developed a […]

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Deposit & Transfer Safes

A series of solutions for the secure and efficient deposit or transferral of money and other valuables Fichet-Bauche’s deposit and transfer solutions are ergonomically designed to make life easier for you, your employees and your customers. […]

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Burglary-Resistant Safes

A full range of burglary-resistant safes, graded at different levels to match your security requirements Starting with the smaller, ungraded cash safe and climbing to the high-security safe with protection from heavy-duty attack tools, the burglary-resistant range covers every need. All safes are built in accordance with Fichet-Bauche’s quality guidelines and when graded, have been […]

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