Stanley® WI-Q Wireless Access Control System

The Stanley® Wi-Q™ Wireless Technology is a smart, fast, efficient wireless access control solution that will change the way you look at wireless access control.
The system's 128 bit AES security encryption and ultra-smart power consumption provide unsurpassed online benefits without the online installation costs. Combine those benefits with multiple redundancy of the access control data at the reader, gateway and host computer means the system makes the access control decision at the door when the card is presented. Stanley also built this advanced technology into its existing line of access control solutions so one application can now control the BEST® offline, wireless and online access control doors, CCTV and ID Badging. The Stanley® Wi-Q™ Wireless Technology utilizes the proven heavy duty BEST® electro-mechanical locksets which include our 9KQ, 45HQ and EXQ products. We didn't want to stop there, so we included online features such as a door position switch, request- to-exit control, a latch switch sensor and even a key override sensor as standard in our mortise lineup. In addition to these on the door applications, we are also introducing our Wireless Access Controller (WAC) module that provides wireless control for parking gates, turnstiles, electromagnetic locks, electric strikes and many other electronic devices. The Stanley® Wi-Q™ Technology Wireless Access Solution brings intelligent power to your access control needs. Its overall design gives you upgrade ability and scalability to go from very small secure solutions to extremely large solutions. If you have been waiting for uncompromising wireless intelligence to show up at your door, Stanley® Wi-Q™ Wireless Technology has arrived. Products covered by one or more of the following patents:
  • 5,590,555
  • 5,794,472
  • 5,083,122
  • 6,720,861
Other products patent pending.

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