Milestone Husky™ M30

Milestone Husky M30 NVR is a workstation with XProtect® VMS preloaded and configured for performance and reliability. Milestone Husky M30 is a powerful, customizable, scalable and cost-effective solution.
Key features
  • Greater surveillance functionality
  • Auto camera discovery
  • Powerful monitoring with XProtect® Smart Client
  • Remote access via XProtect® Web Client
  • On-the-go surveillance with Milestone Mobile
  • Three-year SUP included
  • Ability to connect multiple Milestone Husky M30s or Milestone Husky M50s
  • i5 or i7 CPU processing power
  • Supports up to 30 cameras with add-on licencing
  • 10 and 20 camera base configurations
  • Supports up to two high resolution monitors
  • Three-year hardware warranty
Milestone Husky M30 Hybrid
  • 16 analog cameras + 4 IP devices
  • 4TB or 8TB storage / 8GB RAM / i5 processor
  • Mix existing analog cameras with IP cameras
  • Includes standard Milestone Husky M30 feature
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