Indoors. Compact. Allround Secure.

This compact wall-mountable Hemispheric indoor camera (IP30) offers a super-wide allround 180° panorama view in high resolution. Easily replacing four standard CCTV cameras, just one i25 captures an entire room, wall-to-wall. The newly-designed wall mount form factor blends in with any environment. Available in both Day (color) and Night (B&W) models, which caters to the most challenging lighting conditions and a wide range of applications. The camera can be mounted onto any surface on a wall. Extremely high-sensitive 5-megapixel sensor High-contrast images without motion blur even in low-light situations (MxLEO) Hemispheric technology featuring 180° view with no blind spots, also available as 92° version with lens L23-F1.8 Cost-effective as fewer cameras are needed All relevant events are automatically saved Integrated MxActivitySensor detects even the smallest movements and reduces the number of false alarms Maintenance-free with no heaters, fans or moving parts No licensing or software fees, free-of-charge updates Unlike competitors, hemispheric distortion correction takes place in the MOBOTIX camera and not later on the computer. This drastically reduces the image data before it is transferred and saved. This decentralized MOBOTIX solution lowers the volume of network traffic and allows dozens of hemispheric cameras to be displayed on a computer or smartphone. Read More

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