The CredentialCenter by B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 provides a state-of-the-art, personnel identification and badging product. It produces high-resolution pictures, supports all industry standard ID card technologies, and has cutting-edge image compression and enhancement capabilities. No proprietary hardware is required. The ID CredentialCenter supports industry standard video cameras, databases and badge printers on the market, as well as the following:
  • 64-Bit Badge ID Support - support for up to 18 digit Badge ID lengths.
  • Print Options - limits the number of times a credential can be printed.
  • PDF-417 (2D) Bar-Code Support - PDF-417 Bar-codes allows 3 KB of data to be encoded.
  • Intelli-check ID Check 1400 Support - allows the scanning of credentials, driver's licenses, military and government ID's to populate cardholder form during the enrollment process.
  • IDScan CSS-800 Support - scans driver's licenses to allow population of fields, including text fields, image, and signature.
  • SEIWG Support - supports the SEIWG U.S. government standard for Badge ID allocation and shares the same database, PC, GUI.
  • In-line Encoding Support for Smart Cards – Supports the ability to encode smart card chips during the printing process.
  • ID Scan ScanShell 1000 Support - Scan driver's licenses, passports, and military IDs. Bar-code scanning is supported for both the ScanShell 800 and the ScanShell 1000.
  • Avery Dennison Badge Label Support – layout can be tailored to match Avery Dennison's ID label sheets.

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