Digital Video / Intelligent Video

Using B.A.S.I.S.® ET650 alarm-based recording, high quality digital video can be linked in real time to specific alarms. Pre- and post-roll time periods can be configured. The configuration, linkage and display of alarm-related video are just a mouse click away.
  • Intelligent Video – Advanced motion analysis and object tracking (noting the direction of movement, speed, and motion patterns such as stopping or starting), loitering, people counting, crowd monitoring, detection of abandoned or physically removed objects.
  • Watermarking of Exported Video – Supports video watermarking, a feature that adds security and discourages tampering with exported video.
  • Client Workstation Bandwidth Throttling – Ability to stream video at a lower frame rate than which it was recorded, on a per client workstation basis.
  • Digital Time-Lapse Recording – Digitally records video at a very low frame rate when no motion is detected. Parameters can be configured individually for each camera.
  • Motion Alarm on motion detection for any camera in the system – PTZ IP cameras can go to preset locations when an alarm is generated.
  • MPEG 4 Based Video Card – 8-channel MPEG 4 video board provides 640 x 240 (interlaced 640 x 480) resolution.
  • Direct PTZ Support for Pelco SpectraDome III Analog Cameras configure and control cameras without the need for a matrix switch
  • IP based network cameras including Sony and AXIS products supported

Case Studies: