Allround M25

The M25M family comprises compact, cost-efficient and extremely powerful allround cameras featuring 5MP sensor technology and a vast choice of lenses including hemispheric models. Fully equipped with IP66-certified housing and long-term internal storage on a MicroSD card. security product AllroundMono M25 Freely configurable lens: Telephoto/wide-angle lens, day/night, CSVario and hemispheric (180°) Latest MOBOTIX 5MP image sensor delivers excellent image quality Fast and simple installation on walls, poles or ceilings Integrated DVR for HiRes video recording without affecting the network load Sturdy, low-maintenance and weatherproof from -30 to +50 °C (-22 to +122 °F) (IP 66) Digital, continuous panning, tilting, zooming Microphone, speaker and intelligent movement sensors (MxActivitySensor) Read More

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